Step 1: Sign Up

Sign up for a free account now to get more from your program’s National Student Clearinghouse StudentTrackerSM  subscription.

Step 2: Upload a Report

Upload an StudentTrackerSM for Outreach or StudentTrackerSM for High School report in its original format, just the way it came from the NSC.

Step 3: Visualize

In just minutes, visually explore individual student enrollment patterns and summarize your program’s college completion outcomes.

The End of Endless Manual Analysis

With the Foyost College Enrollment Visualizer, you can quickly convert endless rows of StudentTrackerSM data into beautiful, intuitive, easy-to-read visual displays.
What used to take weeks is now ready in minutes.


Enrollment Patterns at a Glance

In Student View, find your students’ current enrollment and degree status, and follow their journey through college quarter-by-quarter and year-by-year. You’ll notice when students are not enrolled and when they earn their degrees. You can hover on a quarter to see all the details.

Persistence and Grad Rates Made Easy

In Summary View, quickly summarize the persistence and completion outcomes for your program with a year-by-year aggregate display of enrollment and degree status. Find 4-, 5-, or 6-year graduation rates, and filter your results to explore the performance of different subgroups.


Unlock Additional Pro Features

Upgrade to the Pro Version today to visualize unlimited students, share your subscription with others at your organization, and get access to the full set of Pro features summarized in the table below.  These powerful features now include:

  • Unlimited visualization. Say goodbye to the 100 student limit. Visualize, analyze and store enrollment data for all of your students.
  • Ability to permanently update incomplete or mismatched Clearinghouse data. If your reports are missing enrollment for students you know were enrolled, fix it once and work with a complete data set.
  • Support for storing your data. Especially all those updates. Ensure that everyone in your organization can work from the same stored data to analyze your student’s enrollment. To ensure accurate matches, the Pro version requires a unique student ID for every student.
  • Demographics and key variables. Upload your students’ demographics and other key variables from Excel to improve your analysis and allow for disaggregation.

Upgrade For Additional Powerful Features

The Pro version allows visualization of an unlimited number of students and will offer these powerful features:

  • Free Version
  • FREE
  • Up to 100 Students
  • Individual user accounts
  • Student View with limited filtering
  • Summary View with limited filtering
  • All data deleted at logout
  • Pro Version
  • $500/year
  • Unlimited Students
  • Manage multiple staff users within your organization
  • Student View with advanced filtering
  • Summary View with advanced filtering
  • Modify, add and save your own enrollment records
  • Add additional demographic data for analysis
  • Export StudentTracker for Outreach request files

Data Security

Your confidential student data is safe in the Visualizer. All data is uploaded over a secure, encrypted connection. We don’t store Social Security numbers in our system, and we never share any personally identifiable student data with anyone else. With a free account, all of your data is permanently deleted when you logout or after 30-45 minutes of inactivity.

CollegeTracks needs the College Enrollment Visualizer tool developed by Degrees of Change. Desperately. Current and potential funders require enrollment, persistence, and graduation data. CollegeTracks can no longer afford the staff time to analyze StudentTracker data by hand and we lack the expertise to develop our own program. With more than 2,000 students to track, it requires at least a month of staff time to “horizontalize” the data for evaluation and several weeks more to analyze its meaning.

Nancy Leopold, Executive Director

At Graduate! Philadelphia, analysis of NSC data takes almost a month and includes multiple steps and people. This lag affects our advisors’ ability to respond with interventions at the first indication of a student stopping out.  The Visualizer reduces the cleaning and analysis time to minutes, allowing us to use the data faster for our own learning. We can use the cost savings to download NSC data more often, resulting in more up-to-date student information for our advisors.

Hadass Sheffer, President
Graduate! Philadelphia